OCLMO Archery - bringing archery to Ruislip Eastcote Northwood Home REN


The Founders: James Adye & Edward Greer

OCLMO is an archery club for members of REN Scout District aged 13–18.

In 2010, James Adye, Edward Greer and Russell Tysoe decided to take up archery to finish their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. No sufficient clubs were in the area so at the end of that year, after Russell had left the trio for university, archery instructor Sharon Miller was brought in and OCLMO proper was formed.
The first meeting took place in January 2011 at 2nd/9th Ruislip's range where fellow instructor Alex Sessions joined the ranks.

Now in it's second year, OCLMO is still going strong with many events and changes to the club planned. We are growing and so, if you are interested in joining us, please see the join us section for information on becoming an OCLMO member.